Treatment Programs in New York

Before you decide on one out of the several Treatment Programs in New York for rehabilitation of your loved one, it is vital you ask a few pertinent questions. These programs go by several names such as alcohol rehab programs, sober living homes, dual diagnosis drug treatment programs and drug rehabilitation centers. Depending on the nature of the program, a particular center may have expertise in dealing with drug abuse detoxification from particular drugs of abuse. Rather than blindly deciding on any one of the Treatment Programs in New York just because it worked for someone else, it is important to find out more information about the program’s principles of treatment.

NIDA’s Principles for Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) which is the federal agency in the forefront of research on drug abuse specifies the principles for effective treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. When you begin evaluating the Treatment Programs in New York, consider only those programs whose principles match with most of these. Here are some of these principles you ought to consider when making your final choice.

Treatment Programs in New York

Which of the Treatment Programs in New York provide a treatment that is customized to the unique needs of a particular individual? This is very significant in determining your loved one’s recovery because a single approach will not work in all cases.

Does the treatment program address all the needs of the individual or only focus on the drug usage? The person with the addiction will often have other psychological or legal problems that also need to be addressed.

Are the persons running the Treatment Programs in New York willing to adapt their treatment in keeping with the recovery shown by the patient? Do they have an ongoing monitoring mechanism to keep track of this?

Does the program use an intelligent and relevant combination of medication and supportive measures? While medications can help reduce the drug dependence, measures such as behavioral therapy and counseling improve the patient’s motivation to complete the program and interpersonal relationship skills.

Are there facilities to deal with any other physical ailments such as tuberculosis or HIV/ AIDS and mental disorders that the patient may suffer from in addition to the drug or alcohol problem?

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detoxification

Many Treatment Programs in New York provide a safe environment for the detoxification of persons addicted to drugs and alcohol. While some of them use medication during the detox, some of them may not do so. According to NIDA, detoxification is often the first line of treatment in treating drug abuse and this involves ridding the body of the drugs it contains. A detoxification program needs adequately qualified and trained medical staff to deal with the withdrawal symptoms the patient experiences during the detox.

Making the Final Decision – Treatment Programs in New York charge different fees for the services they provide. Obtain an estimate for the expenses and make sure you find out which ones your insurance provider will cover before you make your final decision. However, do not allow the cost of treatment to be your sole criterion for deciding on the program for your loved one. It is more important to choose a program that imparts the necessary coping skills to the rehabilitated individual to ensure he or she does not suffer a relapse.

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