Treatment Programs in Mississippi

Crack, Cocaine right through the years has been the bane of Mississippi’s fight against drug abuse. With Crystal meth becoming available more freely just adds to the drug abuse problem. Alcoholism and Drug addiction, both prescription pills (Oxycontin in particular) and typical Treatment Programs in Mississippi state on every rung inflicting irreparable damage to society. Alcoholism as an addiction is also rampant in these parts and the difficulty in accepting alcohol abuse as an addiction that could destroy lives is a challenge. Somehow alcohol addiction has never been considered as dangerous as drug addiction but usually is as devastating.

With the weakest parity laws in the nation the result is tragic. State laws does not require insurance companies to treat drug abuse or alcoholism as the same as physical health treatment. Unless you have a comprehensive private insurance you will need to be able to afford the clinics for rehabilitation.

Thankfully, taking all these into consideration, charitable and non-profit organizations have been able to run quite a few very affordable and in some cases free Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in Mississippi, enabling those in need of help able to access it without complicated Medicaid.

Treatment Programs in Mississippi

Most treatment programs focus on the four stages to rid the patient of addiction in any form. They are usually a lifelong process and are:

Initiate Treatment – Reaching out for help is your first sign of recovery because of the very fact that you now understand that the addiction is harmful and detrimental to a good life.

Early stages of Treatment Programs in Mississippi are indecisive and ambivalent. You will not be sure whether you have made the correct choice in leaving especially with reference to others where you think your problem isn’t as bad as some of the others.

Restraint and Abstinence in the Early Stages – This is probably the toughest stage where you will face very tough withdrawal symptoms and this will affect you both physically and psychologically. Almost everything that occurs will be a temptation to a relapse. In this stage you will learn coping skills to lead a addiction free lifestyle.

Maintaining Abstinence – About 3 months after continuous restraint you will move to the third stage where you continue to show restraint and probably be moved out of residential rehab to a visiting patient. This will test your coping skills in the real world and will enable you to recognize warning signs of a drug abuse relapse.

Advanced Recovery – This is a period after 5 years of restraint and abstinence wherein you will have been through the real world with all its temptations and have survived through the tools and skills taught to you during rehab. Also focus will shift to healthier lifestyles and a productive citizen rather than just staying clean.

Treatment Programs in Mississippi focus on your need to go through these stages successfully from one stage to another right till recovery. Once the benefits of the recovery are felt by yourself, you will start convincing your friends and acquaintances with addictions to go through the program by being an example of success of these treatment programs.

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